The week in running – 12/4

Monday: 2 miles on the treadmill.  Short warmup followed by 01/01’s – 0.1mph increase every 0.1 miles run, peaking at around 9mph.  Felt easy.

Tuesday: 9 miles in the cold, dark rain.  Met Dustin for the first time – the guy who sniped my even 10 Grand Prix points at the Gettysburg Marathon.  Solid runner, solid guy.  The top 5 spots are going to be hotly contested next year.  This run was very tough and we took it slow.  The weather conditions were not conducive to “throwing down.”  We did a few sub 8’s on the well lit boot loop but slowed it down when we started running into a raining headwind.

Wednesday: 6 unremarkable easy miles in the neighborhood.

Thursday: I planned on doing some treadmill miles in the AM but I had 2 straight days of DC commutes and just didn’t feel like it, so I rested instead.

Friday: rest.

Saturday: 5 miles on the treadmill.  Did some cadence practice.  Using Jenny’s 1-2-3 method I was able to hit 180’s when I was focusing on it.

Sunday: 14 cold miles on the Frederick half course with a group of Steeps buddies, 8:35ish average pace.  Felt pretty easy.

My goal was 36 miles this week and I finished with just over 37.




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